La Gloria Cubana Rabito De Cochino

The next time you walk up to the counter of your local cigar store you might notice a cute display of 3 La Gloria Cubana Cigar’s tied together with a yellow bow, in a very nice looking coffin box with a see through top. Like me, you might pick it up, view it from all angles, put it down, then pick it up again and take it home. The outstanding presentation of these 3 cigars exemplifies marketing perfection, but don’t let the perfect marketing fool you, these cigars are not only great to look at, they’re wonderfull smokes as well!

Team La Gloria has been rolling out some very innovative marketing campaigns for it’s new cigars lately, but in my opinion the La Gloria Cubana Rabito De Cochino takes the cake, both on presentation and in flavor.

The cigars themselves, which are 6.5 inches long with a 46 inch ring gauge, are Lancero’s. They are a little shorter and a little fatter than your standard Lancero, but are Lancero’s none the less.

The Rabito De Cochino, which means pig-tail in Spanish, comes with a tightly wound pig-tail cap on top, and more interestingly with an un-cut foot underneath. When lighting the uncut foot you are presented with the full flavor of smoking the wrapper, before you even get to the actual blend of the cigar, which makes for a wonderful cigar tasting experience.

The La Gloria Cubana Rabito De Cochino presents a masterful blend of spicy cedar wood, espresso, light chocolate, cream and beautiful finish with strong notes of nutmeg. The cigar alternates from creamy to spicy several times while smoking, all while maintaining it’s core flavors and it’s intriguing nutmeg finish. It’s the clearest example of nutmeg in any cigar I can recall smoking, and it’s actually quite wonderful, allowing you to slow down and enjoy each and every exhale of the cigar.

The La Gloria Cubana Rabito De Cochino, with it’s yellow ribbon, and it’s little coffin box, would make an excellent cigar gift, but make sure to buy a second one for yourself, as these are really great smokes. 92 points!

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