Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada

In 2008 Cigar Aficionado named the Casa Magna Colorado Robusto it’s #1 Cigar of the year. The cigar was remarkable, not only for it’s taste, but also for it’s price, which was just over $5.00 wholesale.

Shortly thereafter, Casa Magna released their 2nd cigar, the Casa Magna Oscuro, which added a Honduran Maduro Oscuro Wrapper to the original cigar.

Now for 2011, Casa Magna is back with a completely new blend, the Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada. The Cigar comes in 2 sizes; Optimus & Maximus (essentially a box pressed Robusto and a box pressed Churchill). The cigar is made entirely from Nicaraguan Tobacco including a wonderful Sun-Grown Jalapa Valley Wrapper.

I have smoked both sizes of the Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada, and I can tell you it’s a phenomenal cigar. It’s extremely complex, with flavors changing almost faster than I can note them down. It’s a masterful blend which is smooth and balanced.

The foot of the cigar smells of rich chocolate and hay. Upon lighting I noted sweet cedar wood, tea notes and cinnamon spice. Toward the end of the first third a lemon citrus flavor presented itself in the background.

The spice continued to build and the lemon citrus flavor in the background seemed to merge with a black cherry note into the second third. These wonderful fruit flavors were then enveloped into a rich chocolate flavor at the midway point, with sweet cedar wood and spice in the forefront.

The final third alternated between the rich chocolate and lemon citrus flavor backgrounds, with sweet cedar, tea and spice as the core profile.

The Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada is one of the best new cigars I have tried this year. It’s a medium to full bodied box pressed cigar with an extremely complex flavor profile. It retails for around $9.00 a stick, but I would happily pay double that price for a great smoke like this. I would rate the Optimus at 93 points and the Maximus at 94 points.

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