Jose L Piedra Cazadores

If your like me, you have probably never heard of the Cuban Brand, Jose L Piedra, until now. You may be surprised to learn they were once the most popular Cuban Cigar made outside of Havana. They disappeared around the time of the Cuban Embargo, and were just re-launched in 1996.  Interestingly, today Jose L Piedra Cigars account for approx 10% of all Habanos exported from Cuba, mostly to Canada and Spain.

Jose L Piedra Cigars are know for their strong raw tobacco taste, are very tannic and slightly bitter. I received my Jose L Piedra Cazadores as a gift, and was happy to light it up to start my weekend on a recent Saturday morning. My Cazadores started off  very woody, with an almost sweet wood taste. After the first few minutes, approx 1/6 th of the cigar, the extremely tanic taste kicked in. WOW!!! The tanic taste was quite intriguing, but almost became too much by the end of the cigar. I managed to muscle through it to complete my journey into Cigar History, and create a new cigar memoir.

Note: I drank a Pierrer Citron while smoking my Jose L Piedra Cazadores, and the lemon lime flavors and bubbles perfectly counteracted the tannic taste of the cigar. I highly recomend this drink with this cigar.












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